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Before meeting Stephanie I struggled with low self-confidence and was always trying to figure out a way to stay motivated. I was scared to make the leap in working with her, and even had told her no the first time, but after having worked with her these last four months one on one, I am so, so happy that Stephanie kept in contact with me and was persistent until I made that leap of faith in hiring her. 


Since working with Stephanie I have gained more self-confidence and am continuing my work with her in another round of her program as I know this is an ongoing journey I love being a part of. I’ve also gained a deeper awareness within myself by figuring out why it is what I want with my (health) goals, and ultimately increased my self-awareness and desire to look within in order to be and live my fullest potential / life. I love that I’m wanting to get to know myself more each day, which for me is honestly kind of weird to say, but this makes me feel so great and positive. With this increased desire and introspection comes more confidence in who I am and not feeling like I have to apologize to others for being me. Stephanie has empowered me to ask myself questions and tune into my triggers. 


One of the things I love most is that Stephanie genuinely treats you like a close friend- it's an awesome feeling being a part of her circle because I know she'll support me with whatever I come to her- fitness, health, and other life related truggles. She's that friend you've always wanted. She's got your back and makes you feel like the unique snowflake you are. She genuinely wants to help and I appreciate her positivity and passion in my life. 


If you’re thinking of hiring someone who is heartfelt, caring, and authentic and can get you results, Stephanie is your gal!!

Sydney A

The moment that Steph appeared in my life was no was coincidence; it was perfect universal timing. I had previously gone through a quarter century life crisis, but here I was again in my late twenties going through another life changing period. While I thought I was healthy, I was experiencing something new with my body that I couldn’t remedy myself. Physically, I had unending bloatedness and was gaining weight despite sticking to my usual workout and eating routine. Mentally, I had so much stress and anxiety although I was traveling the world and working great jobs. Emotionally, I was straining to hold onto my happiness, no longer feeling fulfilled. Talking with Steph was the first time I really shared my multi-layered situation out loud. I felt stuck. Steph shared with me her holistic approach to healing and helped me realize that my symptoms were not independent, but rather connected. Using her nutrition background, she showed me how to have a positive relationship with food; I never knew how healthy and fresh foods could taste so incredibly amazing!! As a result, my symptoms have decreased while my energy has increased. As a life coach, Steph always makes me feel safe when sharing my feelings and thoughts, some of which I had never admitted to myself. Her bright, sweet, funny personality makes every moment a joy to talk with her. The fact that she takes the time to actively listen and remember every detail is a special human quality that is hard to find these days. It is so easy to connect with her and I have felt supported every step of the way. I look forward to continue manifesting happiness, health, wealth and abundance in my life with her guidance. She truly is one of a kind!!

Christina Bartlette

I absolutely love connecting with and working with Stephanie. She is one of the most open-minded and non-judgmental people I have ever met. We quickly bonded over a love for fitness through mutual friends, which lead to many conversations about living healthy lifestyles. In a city of 24-million where we met (Shanghai), life is non-stop and healthy living and having time for oneself / self-care is often times difficult. However, Steph made a commitment to herself to choose a path in helping and empowering others to feel their best and live their best life. One of the elements of a healthy life-style that Steph has personally helped me with the most is shifting mindset and developing a positive mind towards life, an aspect of healthy living that I was missing before meeting her. She takes on challenges readily, and looks at them as an opportunity for growth. All of the life lessons she has learned she is open to sharing with others and through her ability to connect quickly at a deep level with a multitude of people, she is inspirational and allows people to truly feel all of her real-ness. Thank you Steph for helping me on my path to living a holistically healthy and loving life!

Sarah Merkt

Stephanie has helped me so much in staying positive when life is just happening and not always going my way. She holds such a safe space that allows for me to be heard, and that its OK to be lost and to not have everything put together. Through her help, I have realized its ok to trust what is happening and to love myself more by honoring my time and space. For example she’s helped me with my morning meditations and affirmations which has helped me in giving myself the proper attention and time I know I deserve. I used to always wake up and run immediately out of bed to the gym or other errands leaving me feeling flustered throughout the day. Stephanie has helped me move more consciously and slowly with my mornings which in turn have helped my state of mind throughout the day and into the future when I’m heading. As a result I feel a lot more positive and happier all around and so much better about myself by feeling more empowered within my own life. I now love taking the time to set an intention for the day and trusting that everything will be OK. I highly, highly recommend Stephanie’s coaching to anyone who wants to feel empowered in their own life!

Erika Polanco

Stephanie is a bundle of joy and energy that makes the ones around her shine. With her big heart and knowledge, she helps your overcome those blocks that continuously bring you down. She is a big thinker with ambition that will help you to begin to recognize how much potential you really have. She will deeply empower you to get out of your own way and she will help you recognize how beautiful and powerful you are through her mindset work. I feel so honored to have met Stephanie along my journey and gain so much from my time with her. She made me feel so inspired to chase those dreams and she helped shape and pave the way on how to get there. Thank you, Stephanie, for being the inspiration I needed!

Selene, Spiritual Mentor

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